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A forbidden love

A long time ago, in a world based on magical mythology, there was a beautiful story about Florastra, the goddess of flowers, and Lumina, the bright star, who fell in love but could not be together.


Let me share with you the enchanting tale:


Florastra, a beautiful goddess, was in charge of creating the beauty, usefulness, and unique qualities of flowers—deciding their colors, flavors, and emotions. These creations were not only necessary but also lovely, spreading across every inhabited corner of the universe.

Even a quick glance at the smallest flower on Earth could bring a smile to anyone's face. Florastra, inspired by the brilliance of stars, used their essence to design, test, and create flowers that reflected the beauty of the universe's beginning.

To share the universe's unique knowledge and mysteries, Florastra imagined using captivating colors, textures, and scents to illustrate its functions and benefits to everyone. Under Florastra's watchful eye, flowers responded to the seasonal dance, creating a symphony of colors across the landscapes.

As spring brought new life to the planet, Florastra adorned Earth with flowers of all hues, from delicate cherry blossoms in the east to splendid tulip fields in the west. The presence of Florastra's creations in every ecosystem showcased the intricate balance of nature.


However, the unintended consequences of Florastra's meticulous craftsmanship were magnified by her job duties and sentiments, making it challenging for her to understand them. Most humans would find it hard to appreciate, let alone comprehend, such complexity.

Envy among her coworkers for the caliber of her work influenced Florastra's destiny, resulting in the emergence and spread of her legendary status and threatening her.


The little planet Ocellus


The brightest star, Lumina, illuminated a tiny planet, making Ocellus the brightest of all universes.


Destiny, the irrational and impulsive deity, developed a sisterly affection for Lumina and decided to gift Florastra after learning about her giving her the small but beautiful planet Ocellus.

Destiny gifts Florasta with Ocellus.

Soon, Lumina and Florasta fall in deep love, defying the prohibition of their love.





This act united the heavenly and the human, creating the most exquisite love.



The upright goddess and the brilliant star experienced a complete love affair, disregarding the limits between heaven and earth and radiating love and devotion throughout the cosmos.

The entitled son of Ocellus's powerful monarch, Draconus, believed he owned everything, including Lumina.




However, the capricious Destiny allowed the mortal Draconus to learn of this forbidden passion.


When he discovered the forbidden love, Draconus was overcome with resentment and envy, spreading the news to other gods imprisoned by the rule against such pleasure.


As the truth unfolded, Florastra faced the divine council's wrath with a sorrowful heart.


The gods struggled between compassion and upholding the sanctity of the celestial realm as judgment day approached. 

Florastra, in an unmatched sacrifice, gave up her divinity, choosing to be mortal to avoid the gods disobedience.


Unaware of Florastra's decision, Lumina gave up her angelic nature to become a flower that Florastra would tend until the end of time.

And so, the legend of Florastra, the celestial protector of flowers, and Lumina, the star, lives on through the ages.


It reminds us that even in the world of myths and gods, love triumphs through sacrifice, preserved in the form of an eternal bloom.


The beautiful flowers on our planet today are a testament to Florastra and Lumina's enduring legacy; their love and compassion continue to nourish the hearts of those who enter the hidden and kaleidoscopic garden of nature.


The variety of flowers, supported by the stars, mirrors the vastness of the heavens, reminding us of the importance of appreciating the delicate beauty of flowers.


333 STARS 

Those are the fruit of that forbidden love

It's time to let you know about some of the 333 sisters.

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